New Officials clinic

We will be having a clinic for people who are interested in becoming an official on Sat. Nov. 8th in Livermore. The clinic will run from 9am to 5 pm. We will start out with doing some on the job training during the first race at the LARPD Cross race and then at 10 am we will go over to the Livermore Library for the lecture and test taking portion of the clinic. The clinic will be free and NCNCA will provide lunch. If you pass the test it will be $35 to get your officials license.

Taking and passing the Cat C officials clinic is the first step for people who are interested in becoming a motorcycle official. Once you have become a Cat C official you can start working local level races as a moto official but to work the higher level races ( like Sea Otter, SF Twilight etc) you will need to take the Moto C clinic.

Anyone who is interested in taking the Officials clinic on Nov 8th should contact me so I can keep you informed about clinic details.

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