New Officers, and dirt ideas

First off, congratulations to Lorri, Mike and Tad as new NCNCA officers, and to Robert for continuation. I think this will be an exciting year and we have some great representation.

I have mentioned this before, I am interested in the VP of Mountain Bike position. I understand it is an appointed position at the discretion of the board, even so I would like to solicit the support of the members and racers.

I think there is a fair amount of work that can be done in this arena. For one I would like to find a way to encourage the many promoters in the area to use the NCNCA and USA Cycling to sanction their events. Due to the promoters using their own insurance outside of USA Cycling our districts has too few opportunities for riders to earn upgrade points and National Championship qualification opportunities.

To some degree I think mountain bike racing has been the red headed stepchild of the NCNCA, and I would like to find ways to make the off road cyclists feel more at home.

I certainly welcome any comments and suggestions.


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