New NCNCA President needed for 2010

This has come up on the email list but figured I might as well post this here also. I am planing on moving to Trinity county in the near future. Since my new home will be about 250 miles away from the Bay Area it really isn't going to be reasonable for me to make NCNCA meetings. Also being that far away the number of races I'll be going to will be greatly reduced. For the above reasons and also due to the fact that I have served in the position of president for about 14 years now, over two different terms, I think it is time someone took over as NCNCA president. I make this announcement now to give people time to think about this and hopefully one or more people will decide to step up and take over the position of president and the various jobs I do in that position.

I plan to serve out the rest of my term, but if I find the place of my dreams quickly I might miss a meeting or two at the end of the year. Anyone interested in the job can contact me about what all the job entails. Also note that just because I have done several jobs as president in the past doesn't mean that in the future the functions I do can't be divided up by 2 or more people.

I don't plan to completely fall off the face of the Northern CA/NV bicycle racing world. I hope to still work races up in the more northern parts of the region. Who knows maybe I'll help with promoting some new races near where I move to. One of the nice things about Trinity county is there are no mechanical stop lights in the whole county. Of course I think there are more dirt roads than paved roads also so maybe I'll have to get more into MTB biking in the future.

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