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Posted on the Yahoo Group as well, but I still get messages and phone calls from riders that don't even know what transpired in February.

If you need to contact me regarding NCNCA business please do so through or at

Outside of messages from BOD members I will no longer be responding to NCNCA business related messages sent to my personal email (this one) or my coaching contact address.
It's important to be able to compartmentalize my private, professional, and volunteer time.
For purpose of curbing debate, YES, this position and the rest of the BOD as of February 22 are not compensated and are volunteer.

I know this district has grown accustom to the luxury of having someone who could answer the NCNCA membership issues virtually any time of the day, but that is not realistic or sustainable for anyone with the common demands of a personal and professional life.

The BOD is working hard to redistribute the work load and organization of the NCNCA so that we will be able to attract more involvement from the membership in the very near future.
The number of Presidential candidates willing to run in the past have been extremely limited due to the very accurate perception that this position is overwhelmingly full time due to the structure that has been in place for many years. That structure is changing, but it takes time. It will no longer be a 1 person show with 1 individual taking responsibility for the solution of every NCNCA issue.

I am sure anyone who has a family, a career, and volunteers their time will appreciate and understand this request and the changes taking place this year. The organization will emerge stronger, better run, more sustainable, and less daunting for those who have an interest in being involved on a volunteer basis.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Ron Castia
Vice-President, NCNCA

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