NCNCA Vice Presidency

For those who have not heard, Mike Hernandez resigned his responsibilities as Vice President on January 17, seventeen days into his tenure. There will be a special election to replace him.

We have seen in past couple of weeks exactly what we anticipated in the wake of Casey's retirement, a difficult adjustment period. There have been some big problems with the permit approval and premature prereg at Merco, Pescadero, and perhaps others. With the entire spring season in review and registration, Mike's abrupt departure could not possibly have come at a worse time for the Board and the Region.

For that reason, I have sent a letter to the President submitting myself as a candidate for the vacant position. Although in December I withdrew from the election for VP, I believe that the difference I had that precipitated that move is no longer pertinent given Mike's decision. I have discussed the matter with my team, and Safeway/Bicycles Plus/Pure Red Creative believe that the good of the region is paramount - especially at this important juncture. More critically,my wife and kids have agreed to share me.

It would be best if this difficulty could be resolved quickly - before a backlog of work accumulates, or too much additional work gets heaped upon the other Board members. I encourage the Board and the teams' representatives to act quickly and decisively to elect a new and enduring VP. Since I was the only other nominee for the post, I can't address relative merits for the position; I can only say that I will be an effective and permament officer.

Jess Raphael
Zebra & Racer

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