NCNCA Programs

Just wanted to put a reminder here bout a couple of NCNCA programs.

NCNCA has a grant program for new, first year races. A race being held for the first time can request a grant from NCNCA for up to $500. since first year races tend to draw smaller fields this is NCNCA's way of helping new events through their first year. We currently have $4,500 left in the new race grant program for this year.

We also have a special grant program. Special grants are for events that don't qualify for a new race grant but feel they need some financial help for a specific reason. Special grants can be used for other things outside of races ( like support for training camps etc). We currently have $3,000 left in the special grant program for the year.

Just wanted to post a reminder about these two programs for anyone who might want to take advantage of them.

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