NCNCA point series

Ok, now that the NCNCA Points Series rules are up....

MANY questions - I suppose I should just send to the series director, but:

The TWO lists of categories are different - which one is it? Or are they different for a reason? Why list the categories twice? (If an error, PLEASE correct). One list says "only these eleven categories", but lists only ten. Last year's BAR/BAT had a men's 45+ cat 4 division, but it's not listed now; looks like the pre-2010 list with 45+1/2/3/4...

For National Championship, mentions double points going 10 deep, but ALL OTHER rules indicate the new series goes 15 deep (if 15 or more in the field). So 11th place at Nationals = nada, but 15th place at Bovine Dump Circuit race = 1? (as long at there were 15 people in the field).

Then the cat 5 clause (for men obviously)... so, the results of a 4/5 race could count towards the cat 4 Point Series, but cat 5s who place would not earn points... right? Seems totally reasonable, but last year put some pressure on promoters to split up cat 4 and cat 5 men racers.

Exactly which races are in the series? See, I'm trying to figure out if say, the 45+4 is a category and IF so, would the 45+ 4/5 races at Snelling or Cantua Creek qualify? (Minus the 5s who place, of course). If 45+ 4 category is out, are we back to the 45+1/2/3/4 listed now? Back the first Q, which list of categories is correct?

THANKS for doing it in general, but accurate corrections are appreciated!

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