NCNCA Needs a new Marketing Director

The Current NCNCA Marketing Director Josh Kadis will be stepping down shortly. NCNCA is looking for someone to take his position. If anyone is interested and would like more information you can contact Josh at

Job description: NCNCA Marketing Director


The Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA) is a non-profit
organization of bicycle racing clubs that oversees grassroots racing in the
largest and most vibrant cycling community in North America. Through USA
Cycling’s Local Association Program, the NCNCA is the designated local
administrator for a territory that includes the San Francisco Bay Area,
Sacramento, Fresno, Reno, and coastal areas from Monterey County to the
Oregon border. With over 4,000 road racing members, the NCNCA is the USA
Cycling’s largest local association in terms of road licensees with nearly
10% of the national total,


The NCNCA Marketing Director is responsible for the organization’s
sponsorship and advertising sales, and PR/marketing efforts. These efforts
are concentrated in two areas: the NCNCA’s websites ( and, and the NCNCA Premier Series.

On the websites, the Marketing Director. is responsible for advertising
sales, and works closely with the NCNCA’s webmasters to improve the services
offered by the sites to the NCNCA community of racers, event promoters, etc.

The NCNCA Premier Series ties together eleven of the NCNCA’s best regarded
local races into a season-long platform marketing for the NCNCA. In
promoting the series, the marketing director is responsible for securing
events to participate in the series, workng with the individual race
promoters to develop and sell sponsorship packages, distributing pre-race
and post-race press releases as necessary, maintaining series standings, and
coordinating the activities of series sponsors. Note that the NCNCA does not
directly organize the races that make up the series.


· Basic familiarity with bicycle racing and its organizational structure
· Writing and communications skills to draft and distribute press
· Understanding of online advertising and event sponsorship concepts
· Ability to work with minimal management by the Board of Directors
· Basic HTML (web) coding skills a plus
· Bicycle industry experience a plus


The Marketing Director could be a volunteer, or compensated out of
sponsorship and advertising revenue. So long as it remains neutral to the
NCNCA general budget, this is an open-ended position, depending mainly on
your time commitment and the approval of the NCNCA Board of Directors.

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