NCNCA Monthly Electro-Newsletter?

Detouring from the morbidly banal conversation about grants to this other, more hip and tech thread ...

What do you all think about the NCNCA publishing a monthly newsletter on .pdf? Not some grey and stuffy flyer to use when the promoter neglects to stock the porta-potty, but a clever, vibrant, witty and colorful look at the greatest region in the nation for cycle racing, delivered right to the PC, laptop or Droid of every black, red, blue and even green racer in the region!

Anyone want to run with it as editor/publisher? Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Who exactly would be the wittiest columnists among the peloton? How about if Sayers and Dan Martin do a point/counterpoint? How about reports from our young studs in Europe? Larry Nolan could have a running series reminiscing about each of his 147 world titles.

In the BBC Pneusletter my monthly fave was the photo entitled "Some Ketchup With My Hamburger, Please" featuring the most vivid road rash photo of the month.

This would not be your grandma's NCNCA Newsletter, fella.

Anyone care to give it a shot? Lets' take it to the Board!!

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