NCNCA Junior Race Fund

The Board of Directors has approved a Junior Race Fund this year. It is designed for promoters who offer more than one junior race per day. See below for details.


When a race promoter offers two or more separate Junior races at the same race event on a given day they are entitled to receive compensation from the NCNCA Junior Race Fund. The NCNCA Board of Directors realizes another field could potentially generate more income and that by offering separate Junior race categories the promoter is limiting the number of races offered. We believe those promoters demonstrate Juniors are a priority when offering two or more Junior races the same day, and thus have set up this fund to compensate those promoters.

A race promoter may request $200 for each criterium and $100 for each road race that they offer, providing their race meets the following criteria:

1) There must be at least two separate junior races with different start times. (e.g. 10-14, 15-18)
2) Juniors 10-14 may not be grouped with 15-18.
3) The places for boys and girls must be picked separately.
4) The results must be posted to NCNCA within five days of race completion.
5) Prizes/awards in each junior age group.

Request of fund will be submitted by the club/promoter to the VP Road who will determine that eligibility requirements have been met. Those clubs/promoters that meet the criteria will be reimbursed until the fund of $2,800 is depleted.


George Meilahn
Vice President, Road

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