NCNCA 2011 Club Membership

It's that time of year again, when Clubs/Teams need to renew both their USAC and NCNCA Club Memberships. The NCNCA supports many programs that help riders develop their competitive skills and to ensure safe competition. Only NCNCA Member Clubs are eligible to earn BAT points in the Best All-around Team program. Annual membership is $50 and NCNCA member clubs pay a $1 per rider surcharge on races they promote to help support NCNCA programs such as BAR/BAT, NCNCA Equipment and the Junior's and Women's programs, just to name a few. NCNCA Member Clubs also enjoy free use and delivery of the NCNCA race equipment. To renew your club's membership go to at:

Please forward this message to the appropriate member of your Club or Team.

Ken Hernandez

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