Napa River Velo Gran __rix

After much discussion, debate, wrangling, stridency, hand-wringing, and deep soul searching, I have decided to abandon my 2 year-old child P on the doorstep of the First Pres. Church. Amidst a deafening cacophany of woeful cries and breast-beating grief, clashing in dischordant clamour with some folks' utter exhaltation of joyful relief, I come today to announce the deletion of the Crazy P from the newly-styled Napa River Velo Gran __rix on April 10th.

Much as I believe crit racers should respond to any reasonable challenge, I just couldn't convince myself that the P was safe. So it's out.

In its place there will be a six-lane-wide semi-circular turnaround, too fast and wide to designate as a "hairpin." (Original name suggestions are welcome). What that means is that the shortest, fastest, most track-like, exciting, spectator-friendly course of the year just got moreso.

What else? Every category of this year's Gran __rix will be run in the Reverse Win & Out format, where the 5 prize placing in each race will be decided by sprints in the final 5 laps, just like at the track. It's all tactics and speed at the Gran __rix!!

This is gonna be FUN!!!

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