MTB Skills Clinics


I’m going to start teaching Mountain Bike Skills Clinic courses geared towards road riders and racers (that’s you!) who want to learn how to improve their skills. Mountain biking is a great off season activity for roadies to enhance handling skills while still getting in a great workout and best of all, having FUN(!) out in the woods.

This is a great opportunity to take a personalized lesson. I’ll take no more than 4 riders at a time to ensure quality lessons. The cost will be $75/lesson and lessons will run 2-3 hours depending on how you’re feeling and how much you want to ride. I’ll do clinics at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland and at Rockville Park in Fairfield. Ideally I would like to see you take a lesson at each because both offer completely different terrain and types of riding which require different skills. I have one extra bike but these lessons are geared more towards the rider who already has a mountain bike and wants to learn how to use it.

I am available the afternoon on October 16th, and morning of the 22nd. I leave for Maryland from October 23 until November 18 but am free just after that in case those dates don't work with you. If you are interested shoot me an email at and tell me your ability level so we can talk about a personalized curriculum.

About Me:
I’ve been mountain biking for over 13 years and have been mountain bike racing on and off for 9 years. Currently I race CAT 1 and generally do better at more technical courses like Downieville and Skyline where I can make up time descending. I started and coached a collegiate cycling team in college giving mountain bike skills instruction to the team, have taught friends how to ride, and have been sought out by the NorCal High School MTB Race League to teach at their winter skills clinics. You might know people who are great riders but can't explain how they ride, but I feel I have the ability to teach these skills.

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