Mt. Tam - racers please read!

It's been tough getting permits for the Hill Climb this year, and with five different ones needed it's easy for us to slip up. So we want to give a heads-up about things the rangers/etc have brought up, and said that racers would need to follow if the race is to continue next year...please pass on the word to your teammates, it'd be a big help to us at CRC and Mako.

CENTER LINE RULE - is in effect on Hwy 1 and Ridgecrest, as always...but we need 100% compliance with it. It's a USCF rule, a safety issue, and now a condition on the permit. Watch it also at the start line, on the driveway into the park -- they need us on the right of the yellow to keep the entry lane clear, and are threatening to write tickets & all that. It'll be coned off so should be easy to figure out.

FINISH LINE - they want us completely off the road at Rock Spring and one ranger is really leaning on that. The roads up there are all open to traffic and they want zero interference with other visitors to the park. Please listen to the marshalls and stay behind the cones if you remain in the finish area. We may ask people to descend to Stinson or move into the meadow if it gets at all crowded -- there just isn't much room up there.

PARKING/STAGING AT STINSON - the lot on the right, when you first drive in, is now a pre-staging area. We'll stage groups there, and they'll proceed to the start line for the actual start. Also, reg is moved closer to the inner lot (dead ahead when you drive past the entry kiosk). If you arrive early you'll be waved into that lot, but most cars will be directed to a special-event lot at the South end, which is normally blocked by a gate. It's dirt so be ready for that, you might want to bring something to put the trainer on.

All this stuff has been worked out with the rangers, who suggested the changes to keep the non-race traffic flowing. So we don't really have a choice...but on the flip side, if we follow it all we should be fine for next year.

Thanks everyone for coming, and best of luck with the race.



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