Mt Hamilton Classic - Results, Photos, KoM/QoM

Vertical Empowerment KoM/QoM Winners:
Pro 1/2: Paul Mach, Bissell Pro Cycling
35+M123: William Innes, Team Specialized Racing
Elite 3: John Bennett, Whole Athlete
45+M1234: Robert Anderson, Team Specialized Racing
ProW123: Ruth Corset, Jazz Apple Cycling Team
35+M4: Arthur Jones, unattached
Elite 4: Jordan Kestler, Cal Cycling

SugarCRM Mt Hamilton Classic Winners:
Women 4 RR Champion: Rikke Preisler, SugarCRM
Pro 1/2: Andy Jacques-Maynes, Bissell Pro Cycling
35+ Masters 123: Kevin Metcalfe, Team Specialized Racing
Elite 3: Sam Bassetti, Team Swift
45+ Masters 1234: Robert Anderson, Team Specialized Racing Master
W123: Katheryn Curi Mattis, Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling
35+ Masters 4: Gregory Coleman, ZteaM
Elite 4: Jordan Kestler, Cal Cycling
45+ Masters 3/4: Matt Yaden, Wells Fargo Racing Team
55+ Masters: Peter Taylor, Reno Wheelman
Elite 5: Frank Spiteri, Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro

Full Results Posted USAC

Podium Shots by Rosa Farinha

Other Photos:
Kurt Harvey:
Veronika Lenzi:
Chris Hipp:

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