Mount Tamalpais Hillclimb

A note was posted to the NCNCA mailing list that the Mt Tam hillclimb won't have access to Ridgecrest Blvd this year. I proposed a race to the top of Fairfax-Bolinas ("BoFax").

Per Klimb:
Stinson to base of climb: 4.7 miles, 0 feet of climbing
base of climb to gate: 4.4 miles, 1460 feet of climbing
gate to junction (traditional finish): 3.8 miles, 570 feet of climbing

shortened route: 9.1 miles 1460 feet of climbing
full route: 12.9 miles, 2030 feet of climbing

The Seven Sisters certainly add plenty of pain, but without them, it's still a very worthy course.

Chris Hipps has proposed San Gregorio to the top of West Alpine. However, this may also suffer from permit problems. Still, it's an excellent idea. Alpine is a 2000 foot climb which includes excellent views and has ample room for gathering past the finish (@ Russian Ridge) although the finish line is a bit tight (at the summit of Alpine Road). The route would be 84->R on Pescadero, following the Pescadero RR, then L on Alpine instead of climbing Haskins Hill, to complete the climb:

It would be really too bad if the Mt Tam Hillclimb were canceled, even if it's not at Mt Tam.

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