Moskowite Corner

To all cyclist that ride to Moskowite Corner...

Last Saturday my wife, friend and myself left Davis to ride
out to the Lake Hennessey and back. From Davis the last stop
for us, is Moskowite Corner. It has been for years. We went into
the store bought a couple of Gatorades, and went to the bathroom
to fill our water bottles. Nothing said we rode on. On the way back
we stopped again to take care of business and top off. A couple
of Gatorades, and as my wife went to fill her water bottles the NEW
owner or manager told her she could not get any water... Now
we top off using the Bathroom faucets. He said he is tired of
cyclists using the bathrooms and getting free water? I know this is
the hub for West bound and East bound riders...Has anyone else
run into this problem...Did we just catch him on a bad day!

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