Missing Wilier Mortirolo

Yes, maybe this isn't the appropriate forum, but I did lose this bike at a race afterall. It was stolen from the parking lot at the Giro as I, stupidly, left it unattended just long enough for someone to make off with it. So, if you see the following bike, then give me a shout. Thanks!

2005 Wilier Mortirolo - small/medium frame, light blue, dark blue, grey, white

- Zero Gravity brakes
- 2003 Campy Eurus front in black, 2006 Campy Eurus rear in silver
- FSA MegaExo cranks, 170
- Dura Ace or Ultegra pedals (forget which)
- blue Conti 4000 in front, red in rear
- Silver Fizik Aliante saddle
- Silver carbon stem
- carbon bars (no name brand)
- Campy carbon Chorus shifter on one side, Record on the other

That should about do it. Obviously, i'm pretty sick with the loss and do not have the money to replace it.

Thanks again for keeping an eye out!

raymond cogan


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