Missing DA-7850-SL wheelset from Dinuba Criterium

Hey now,

If you accidentally took my DA 7850-SL wheelset from the wheel pit at the Dinuba Criterium during the P/1/2 race, I would really appreciate getting them back. It might have been hard to notice the giant VOS lettering on the piece of paper that was stuck on each wheel's quick release.

Or, since there were no other unclaimed wheels in the pit....

If you notice that your friend's got a brand new pair of black scandium DA-7850 SL wheels with the red nipples, brand new Michelin Pro Race tires and a relatively new DA 11-23 cassette, and the whole thing seems suspicious, he'd probably steal from you, too.

Finally, if you were the guy or gal that swiped these, I would recommend wait a month or two before riding them or selling them on ebay/craigs-list, as they are currently difficult to get thru legal means due to limited supply. thanks.


// learned a new lesson the hard way: put really crappy wheels in the pit, or at least not nearly as nice as the others, or none at all. it shouldn't have to be like this. //

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