Mike Neel Training Camp (date options Sept 4-7, 5-7 )

Hello Racers and fellow riders, Here is a sure fire way to get ready for late season races! . Or just get in shape! Those attending will get quality training/Professional Coaching and lots of recovery. The Scott Valley has every bit of terrain that we will need, flats, hills and big climbs.

http://users.sisqtel.net/coachmneel/ (Website)
Link to my photos from the June 2008 camp http://www.bike4funandhealth.com/SVTCamp.html

I attended this camp last year and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever done on a bicycle. The camp is fully supported and set up for three days at $275.00 (add $100.00 for 4 days) per person, includes hotel room and most meals. For those with families, there are activities like fishing, hiking, sight seeing, Mt. Shasta and general relaxation. And people that are not riding do not have to pay for the camp and if they would like, they can volunteer to help support the riders.

Return home with renewed motivation and a fitness base to set up the rest of the season.

Please contact Mike Neel for more information and if you would like to join in the fun !
1-530-228-2999 -- Thank you, Myron 916-835-4444

Who is Mike Neel you say?

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