metromint, lombardi's and the other sponsors!!

hey thanks alot to metro, lombardi's, and the other sponsors for putting on such a great race. metromint really put there effort into this and must of pulled in every favor they had in there bag. the primes were big and deep, lombardi's really stepped up for this local event with mass amounts of prizes. I must say for the longest time (even when i worked there) I have been nothing but disapointed in lombardi (owners, not the team), aftr today I am nothing but impressed by there efforts to support a local race. I hope they come out more often now to help the local nor cal scene more often. A store of there size and resources should be able to make a differance in our race scene. good job lombardi's. I am going to have to stop back in to do some shopping now. after all support those that support you.
metro I hope you stay as an organizer for this race! it is one hell of a way to end the season....


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