Merco RR Results

I have to say from the stage it looked like everyone was going to die! I watched two riders (masters) weave in and out of the women and finally hit each other and then a couple of women. None went down but it was sketchy at best. It was others that were involved in the actual crash and there was far more than just one bike on the ground but none really hurt.

It was a bad enough sight to send people (officials, spectators, racers) running up the road into the race to help which made scoring crazy!

I will keep my opinions on what should/shouldnt have been done here in UT but it was a VERY scary finish and one that was discussed at length post race by the officials.

For those of you in the womens 3/4 and the Masters 35+ 1/2/3 I will post the rest of the results shortly I am working with the officals to get the rest of the post race/crash straglers, lapped riders (who were in the finish sprinting) and a few protests (who pushed who first) worked out and then the balance of the riders I have will be published.

Sorry for the delay
SBO camera guy

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