Merco Bumper-Crit

Okay, I haven't found anyone who enjoyed the Crit on Saturday. Halfway through it - after evading several crashes - I was ready to bag it in disgust.
But rather than disparage a generally great event, I'm interested in what we can learn from a crit that had so many crashes in each and every category.

Why was it so hazardous out there? Here are the theories I've heard:

- Too many racers?
- Choppy road conditions?
- Off-camber turns?
- Too many So. Cal. racers?
- Early season?
- Technical section (chicane)?
- Fast course, not technical enough to split / string out fields?

How many people vowed on Saturday to skip the Merco Crit next year? It's a shame because it's a great weekend.
How can it be made safer?

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