Menlo Park Grand Prix

ok, at the risk of kicking an hornets nest...

So, looking at the fields for the Grand Prix, something seems weird. Perhaps the race promoters are recession proof or something....because the formula seems to be one to explicitly AVOID making money!

I mean....E3 fields usually fill up in local races, as do E P/1/2 fields....that's 200 * $35...and they've volunteered to limit the revenue to 100 * $35 for a local race?!

The M35+ 3/4 will fill up fast, and there isn't a M4/5 field, which always fills up too....

I'm all in support of womens cycling, and I really hope we all find ways to bring more ladies into the sport...but must we do it AND lose money in the process?!?!?! I saw the post saying they are no longer in conflict with an NRC race. I hope those extra women's fields fill up with that conflict gone.

Will that W3 field REALLY HAVE 100 racers pull up to the line? If it does that will be quite a site to see, and I happily will eat humble pie about womens' fields not filling up.

Here's a suggestion promoters, not just for this race either. Structure the fields so most people have at least 2 opportunities to race. There are a LOT of people older than 18 and younger than 35 that would happily add $8 to do another race for the day if you did (myself included). Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

E 4/5
E 3/4,
E 2/3
E P/1/2
35+ 4/5
35+ 1/2/3

W 4
W 2/3
W P/1/2/3

Juniors All, spread over a 50minutes, something like cherry pie

That's 10 races and most likely a sure money maker as almost everyone has 2 opportunities to race. Perhaps there's a USAC reason this isn't possible I dunno, but if/when I put on a race that's what I try to do.


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