Memorial Photo - Elite 5 finish at '05 S.C. Classic?

Our rider from the Berkeley Bicycle Club, John Jordon, finished 2nd in the 5's at the Santa Cruz Classic, winning the pack sprint. It was his first race with BBC, and his first race in eight years, and he was wearing the red jersey of the Napa Eagles.

John died this weekend unexpectedly, and I am seeking a photo of that proud moment before the memorial on Saturday to help the team celebrate his life.

By the way, if you see a guy in BBC blue with a black armband racing this weekend, let him/her win, okay? Just kidding. But you might want to shake his hand or say a nice word and remind him (and all of us) that we're all part of a great family thing.

John was a big sweetheart -- 6'5" and 180 pounds of pure gentleman. He could climb with pure climbers, sprint like a cheetah, descend like a hawk, and the power and endurance of his time trial was daunting. It would not have surprised me if he'd gone from a 4 to a 2 this season. He also worked more than full-time with the CHP and was attending his final year of law school.

I wish that more of you could have seen him ride.

If you can help us find a picture, it will help us all remember.

Jess Raphael

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