Meet the Teams Day - January 23

As is a long tradition at the Early Birds we will once again have the MEET THE TEAMS DAY this coming Sunday, January 23.

This day plays an important role in the development of cyclists in our little community. The majority of the riders that start at the Early Birds are not yet part of a team or club. Our local clubs help to provide the UNATTACHED RIDERS with a more support, encouragement and answers than the Early Bird volunteer mentors can.

Another important role that teams and clubs play during the year is to help accelerate the progression of skills in their new teammates. For this we are all thankful. As there were 7 crashes at the January 16th EB's we need teams to help new riders!

Teams and clubs are welcome to set-up their tents and presence as early as 7:30am just east of registration on Dumbarton Circle.

Please pass this note along to teammates and friends that will help to represent your team/ club and to those that might benefit in getting connected to a team.

Please shoot any questions you may have to me. Thank you, Larry Nolan, Early Bird mentor.

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