McLaren Park Start Protocols, Service Pits - and Parking!

To clarify start orders and call-ups for Round 1 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland, in all "A" Categories the top 10 from 2007 final series results will be presented and fill Row 1 at sunday's classic in McLaren Park. For all of our amateur "B" and "C" categories, there will be no call-ups based upon 2007 results. Although the BASP series still adheres to the rider self-categorization policy when choosing the right heat in which to race, we hope that those riders who filled last year's podiums are looking for the next challenge in their athletic career and voluntarily upgrade themselves for 2008. Results from Round 1 at McLaren Park will create the call-up list for subsequent events in the series.

We will provide 2 neutral service pits for 2008. In addition to our traditional Ritchey wheel pit, where the remarkable Daniel Ferguson holds court with predominantly 9 speed rear wheels, SRAM has signed on for McLaren Park and will be station in the Start/Finish zone. Chad Contreras has just returned from Beijing and the Paralympic Games of the XXIX Olympiad and will have a full stock of wheels - including 10 speed rears, 4 Orbea 'cross bikes, and the full SRAM service tent. If your bike needs a last minute check-up or that kink in the chain won;t cooperate, visit Chad at SRAM's serivce tent anytime during the day. He is: at your service. The BASP awards series points to all finishers - make use of these 2 service locations so you'll never score a zero on race day!

Parking will be at a premium in McLaren Park now that their new soccer fields have opened - please consider car pooling so we can minimize our impact on the neighbors.

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