McLaren Park and BASP Warm-ups

Every NorCal cyclocross organizer wants to provide you with the same options – great racecourse, great parking facilities, bathrooms, podiums, music, prizes, etc. We think one of the most important features that we can provide is the opportunity to race with just your own heat’s competitors – that means warm-ups at Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross events get to start only when others have finished their event.

We know we don’t have generous time in between heats – we run 7 separate heats to minimize mixing of various categories. We’d love to feature every category with a heat by themselves but we already start at 8:30 and want our staff to be able to get home after teardown and clean up. 7 heats is max for us and we try to juggle schedules so that every group will have time for 1 on-course warm-up lap.

This is our policy. On course Warm-ups may begin when the heat winner has passed under the Start/Finish arch. We will designate a staging area after the S/F and before Turn #1 at each BASP venue for riders to watch and wait for the signal from the main stage. Please remember that while you are warming up on the course you may still encounter athletes finishing their final lap – their race ALWAYS takes precedence over your warm-up. Please use the TT race rule for maintaining distance between you and competitors in front of you – stay 25 meters away from competitors finishing their final lap. And to prevent scoring dilemmas, please make sure to avoid crossing the S/F during warm-ups – our judges and scorers especially need that cooperation from you for accurate and prompt results.

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