May NCNCA meeting reminder

Just sending out a reminder about the May NCNCA meeting. The meeting will be held at the Marie Calendar's Restaurant at 2090 Diamond Blvd in Concord. The meeting will start a bit after 7pm on Monday night May 12th.

One of the discussion topics will be increasing the per mile travel rate paid to officials traveling to, from, and in races. The last USAC increase in the travel rate came a couple of years ago. Since then the price of gas has almost doubled. The current USAC mileage rate is 36 cents per mile vs about 50 cents per mile the IRS allows for business travel. Some of the other Local associations have already increase the mileage race. USAC is looking into changing the mileage rate after the issue was brought up in our monthly phone conference between the local associations and USAC. In case USAC doesn't change the mileage rate NCNCA might decide to follow the lead of the other local associations who have already acted in increase the mileage rate for officials.

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