Masters Women in BAR/BAT

Hey ladies, I'd like to see a show of hands regarding separate Masters racing for BAR/BAT. There used to be a Women's 35+ ranking for BAR/BAT and it was eliminated this year (or maybe last year, my memory fades). BAR/BAT is one of the standards that race promoters use to choose their race categories and I think that by resurrecting a women's masters ranking we could encourage more promoters to offer that field.

I know some women get frustrated with the current W35+ races because they are open (W1/2/3/4) fields. What do you think about proposing a W3/4 35+ BAR/BAT? Or other options (see the poll for examples).

Answer the poll and post your thoughts. We'll be revisiting the BAR/BAT for 2010 at the October NCNCA meeting so now is the time to speak up if you're interested in seeing more masters women's racing.

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