Masters Road Nationals 2010--Louisville again

USAC announced that the 2010 Masters Road Nats are going to be in Louisville, KY again. This will be the third year in a row in Louisiville. And the fifth year in a row in the Eastern Time Zone.

While I admit that Louisiville did a very good job with the event this year and made improvements from last year, it is time for the event to move west. Masters will have moved up at least one age category during the time the event has been in the east.

We have many of the strongest masters racers here in the west, between the Norcal and Socal districts and deserve to be able to have the opportunity to race closer to home more than once every 6 years. I would suggest that we make our voices heard in this regard.

Tom Vinson is the National Events Manager at USAC. You can email him at

I gather from my conversation with Mr. Vinson that USAC feels that they do not have anyone in the west at this moment who can adequately do the job well for this event. And this may be true. I am just calling for ideas on this part of it. Combine the event with Elite Nats in Bend? Is there someone somewhere who has the ability to promote an event of this caliber and wants to take on this event?


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