Master's 45+

I agree that it would be nice if they could separate the 45+ class to a 1/2 class...3/4/5 class or 1/2/3 class and 4/5 class...I have seen certain riders
race the 45+ class, and then race the 35+ 1/2 class, and then race the Pro 1/2 class...In Northern California the same individuals are always the same ones that win race after race... They (45+ 1/2/3 - 4/5) could race together, just separate the results. Like they do when they race the 45+ and the 55+ classes....I myself at 48, race alot of 35+ 4/5 races just because I think I stand a better chance of at least finishing in the pack sprint...I know a lot of riders that are 45+, that won't even race because they have never have raced, and don't want to race a 100+ field of 4/5's, and don't want to get pulled when they are about to get lapped by a bunch of 45+ X-Pro's... Thanks from... Tired of getting my a@s kicked by a bunch of geriatric Lance Armstrongs!

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