I know this is on deaf ears, and with people flocking to races even if it is nothing more than a few cones set up around a pile of...(use your imagination), I am going to mention it anyway.

Madera about the only stage race we have in California has the potential to be made into something so much better than a low budget throw together race.

I'll never understand how the same mistakes and carelessness continues year after year. Or maybe it is simply the lack of interest to make something better than it was the previous year. Is it the thought or mentality of "why should I bother making the product better, people are paying and showing up".

Every year these low budget races with poor promotion have the feel like it's the first time the race has ever been put on and the promoter is dealing with a learning curve.

I am not mad or disappointed in the race, I am just saying it's a shame. Lots of potential, and no apparent desire to reach it.


Thank you to the officials and workers that came out to the middle of nowhere and endured the heat while we road our bikes around in circles.


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