Looking For A Cat3 Team

My name is Jake Mestre. I just received my category 3 upgrade and am looking for a team. I'm 22 this year, and currently ride with the University of Nevada Reno cycling team. I've raced collegiate mens A's for the past two seasons, but am looking to do more USCF races. I live in Reno, Nevada but have no prblem working with a team based in Northern California.

I've been riding for the past seven years, and racing for five. The last three summers I've spent racing for an italian team. I've played the roll of domestique, as well as a team captain. I understand both rolls and enjoy working at each to obtain team goals.

I am looking for a team that would be willing to help me get down to races in northern and central california. I love to race USCF, but can't afford to make the 4-9hr solo trips every weekend. Thank you very much for your time.
Jake Mestre

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