Livermore Hills Road Race Mentoring--WELL DONE!!

Both of my girls were completely satisfied with the mentoring they received at Junior Districts. Their advice and encouragement were top notch and appropiate to their age level. Kim, a Velo Girl, was Erica's mentor and kept encouraging her to drink more water and complimented her on her descending ability and gave advice on gears to use for each climb. Taylor's mentor, Monica (a Vella Bella), suggested the gears to use on climbs and descents, told her to keep drinking, and shared racing stories that made the race seem shorter. She complimented Taylor on her form. All the other mentors that I saw pass the feed zone with a rider were extremely supportive and encouraging. Great job mentors, you made a difference in these youngsters lives. I know my girls were a bit apprehensive about riding this race, but not anymore! Also my wife was concerned because of the stories that she had about the recent accident on this road, etc. Her apprehension, which actually increased when she saw the "wideness" of the road, dissipated when a mentor was assigned to each of the riders. And we can be certain our child will be in good hands next year when they ride. To me a race is successful when the racers plan to return the next year.

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