Livermore Cross Clinic

I received approval to run a clinic on the Livermore course the Friday evenings before the event.
The first clinic will be Friday evening September 4th. If all goes well I'll run a second clinic Friday the 11th.

Start time will be 6:30 PM, should finish before dark.

We will work on course specific skills.

* Dismount methods, both the skip and thread method.
* Dismount approach speed, and timing the dismount.
* Remount methods, getting you back on the bike smooth and easy.
* Start line intensity, getting that hole shot.
* Techniques for riding through sand, bark, and other loose terrain.
* Stretching
and conditioning suggestions to help reduce post event soreness.(Cross
employs muscles that cyclists do not use very often and in a new way.)
* Shouldering vs suitcasing the bike, when to use which method, and how to use the shouldering method with a mountain bike.
* How to take on and conquer a difficult run up.
* Making an assertive pass.
* Cornering in the dirt, building confidence.
You can use a cross bike or a mountain bike, races have been won by many on both. Different courses actually suit different bikes.

$25 for a 1.5 to 2 hour
Register on site at the clinic, please email me in advance if you intend to be there.

Ron Castia

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