Letters for John E. Peckham and sentencing of Mr. Bailey

My apologies if you have already received this information, and if this is not the correct forum for this message. However, I wanted to make sure it is widely distributed.

John Peckham, a member of Webcor/Alto Velo, was killed by Chevelle Bailey on Old Page Mill Road on September 8, 2006. Mr. Bailey plead "no contest" to the charges against him. Now the case has moved to the sentencing phase.

We can have an influence on the sentence that Mr. Bailey receives. I would urge everyone to write a letter, on behalf of John, to the probation officer responsible for recommending a sentence to the judge. Our letters can have a very large, and very real effect on the sentence.

If you can write a letter, please do so as soon as possible, within the next week. The court is scheduled to receive the sentencing report from the probation officer on November 27, 2007, so the letters need to be in well before that time.

Please send you letter to the probation officer (not the judge!):

Santa Clara County Adult Probation Services-North County Office
Attention Michelle Rodriguez
Case # 060925133
Docket # BB622611
270 Grant Ave., 3rd Floor
Palo Alto, CA. 94306

It's important for us to express what John meant to us, and to society in general. Your letter should be heartfelt and honest. The more letters, the better. Please take a few moments to compose a letter. If you're unsure what to write, take a moment and review some of the comments about John left at these sites:



Thank you for your help in this effort. It means a lot to John's family, his friends, and his teammates.

Best regards,
Brian Peterson
President, Webcor/Alto Velo

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