Let's acknowledge some good sportsmanship

Lately many of the topics in this forum have revolved around acts of poor sportsmanship. I though it was time to bring a more positive prospective to the forum and acknowledge an act of good sportsmanship. At the Berkeley Hills RR Patrick Briggs from the California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized team was off the front of the 1/2/Pro race. During his solo break Patrick came on the scene of a fairly serious crash that happened in one of the junior categories. Patrick stopped to see if his EMT training could be put to use to help out any of the injured riders.

Hopefully others will join me in giving a big thanks to Patrick for his stopping to see if he could help out an injured fellow racer. Also thanks to motor Ref Shawn Mehaffey for his good work in managing the accident scene and following up with the rider's parents in finding out the condition of the injured rider.

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