Lessons of a First-Time Race Promoter -- Reg & Results

Lots of lessons this weekend (you can never have enough safety pins or toilet paper). Seriously though, I've learned some interesting things about registration and results that might be useful for racers to understand.

Online registration allows race promoters to plan for the number of participants (and order the right number of supplies). Online registration also helps keep the race-day registration lines shorter!

Online registration makes the results process much quicker. For each manual registration, the promoter has to enter the information into our results database. For online registrations, the information is propagated automatically. The more folks who register online, the quicker promoters can post results. Online registration also helps ensure the accuracy of results (transcription). Both of these are items racers have said are important to them.

If you don't enter your license number on your waiver (or online entry), your result may not show up in the USAC database for athlete ranking and upgrade purposes.

If you don't enter your team name (as it's registered with NCNCA and/or USAC), your team won't get BAT credit for your result.

If you use any online entry system such as sportsbaseonline, bikereg.com, or active.com, check your personal information from time to time, especially things like team name, license, address, and emergency contact. If you're in the system's database, this information will automatically propagate, and promoters may not verify it for you.

If you complete a manual entry form, print clearly (better yet, type the information). Best of all, enter your races online!

Oh yeah, and you can never have enough safety pins or toilet paper!

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