LeMond recommends skipping USAC license

Greg LeMond has written an open letter recommending a boycott of USAC until Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen resign.

NCNCA was independent from USAC for a few years, and other than drugs (ironically) being legal in local racing in that era, there wasn't much downside that I could see except perhaps to riders trying for the national team. Steve Johnson talked us back in into the fold. But has anyone considered putting some institutional muscle behind Greg's suggestion?

I could do without a license. The past few years I've been doing hillclimbs, my attempt to get in a few road races this year frustrated by a mid-year injury. Others are far more committed to racing. It seems too bad to put these people on the spot when really we don't need USAC here at all.

The irony is NCNCA went back to USAC to forge the path for local riders to go to the national team, but that path led to an international cycling environment which was toxic with drugs and corruption. As Greg says in his letter, the latter is the worse of the two, as with it, the former cannot be addressed.

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