Last Call for de Ronde pre-registration

On line pre-registration for Palo Alto Bicycles "de Ronde van Brisbeen" presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland (Wow! try saying that 3 times fast...) closes tomorrow night at 9:00 pm. We'll have our registration crew on hand early both days to accomodate riders coming for race-day registration but we REALLY want you to pre-register. It gives us very useful information on staffing and logistics (like parking, always at a premium on sunday)

And for those of you who may not race both days but STILL want one of our nifty musette bags - we'll have a small number reserved for sale at the Pilarcitos "Ronde" Emporium - they're $10 and if you really want the full Green Ronde experience, we'll stuff a Ronde bag with:

a Ronde hat -

and a Ronde pair of socks -

all for just $20! (We'll also sell hats and socks separately, too - $10/hat and $6/socks - but why not get the whole package?)

So, go for the Green (in this case Girl Scout "Thin Mints", medals and prize bags) at ""De Ronde van Brisbeen"

For once we've been promised sunny skies (that means no rain storms, blizzards and/or gales) - come out to sunny Brisbane for de Ronde

The Pilarcitos Crew

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