Know When to Neutralize

It has come to my attention that during the Pescadero RR prior to Haskin's Grade there was some confusion about neutralizing the women cat 3 chase group. It appears the women cat 4 break away peloton caught up with the women cat 3 first chase group. While the women cat 4 group passed the women cat 3 group, some cat 3 women hooked up with the women cat 4 peloton and finished their race.

I do understand that this scenerio is occuring prior the final climb, but I would assume the women cat 3 chase group would neutralize and let the lead cat 4 group finish their race.

Racers only race with their field. Interfering with another field is unsafe and unfair if you are doing it to enhance your result. The motorcycle official would have neutralized one of the groups, I would assume the chase group since the lead group was going strong enough to pass the chase group at the time. Of course I do not know that part (and if you are an official, please speak up) but what I am aware of; is that the veteran cat 3 women who interfered with the women cat 4 race did not make an ethical choice.

Bottom line, breaking the rules, causes hardship in the field, and playing it unethically in this situation sends a negative message to our cat 4 women and to all women in the sport.

Laurie Fenech

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