Kingsburg summay and results

Good personnel, good planning, good execution, good support and innovative thinking made the Kingsburg crit the success that it was. You all certainly contributed to that success by your presence whether it was racing or being part of the audience.

When I first created a budget for this event, I estimated 120 race starts (80 first races and 40 subsequent races). The official count was 180 race starts (122 first races w/ 58 subsequent races). This does not include the 66 children that participated in the kids race.

Areas of improvement thus far determined:
1) Course marshalling
2) Lunch prep for officials and support crew
3) Reconfigure reg.
4) Advertising in Southern CA

Things to do:
1) Post race meeting
2) Get feedback from city of Kingsburg and business owners to determine if their expectations were met.
3) Teleconference with SBO to review performance of software

Results were posted last night and can be viewed here:

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