KERN COUNTY Stage Race ... or, "why do i do this to mys

It's coming, it's coming!

The Velo Bella women are gonna have a group of their half-naked, almost starved, spandex boys out supporting at the race.

And ... we are equal opportunity feeders/fans/hooligans. So, come out and let us support you to!
- - -

For those who've never done this race ... i won't lie to you ~ it's bloody hard. I mean, hit yourself in the head with a frying pan hard. It's damn hot and the races are hard. But, when you finish? ... oooo doggy! it's gotta change you as a rider. And, the racing is beautiful. There is room for every level of rider.

So, if you're on the fence about doing this one - please consider that you'll be treated like royalty at the race. We VB boys will have iced water all over the climbs and cowbells ringing for you at the finishes.

Not to mention some goodies to eat 'tween stages if you show us a little skin.

Check it out, come and play.

Safeway Geezer
QueenBee attendant

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