Kenda Event Sponsorship Program

I sent a message out a few months ago about having a Kenda booth at some of the local races. Base on the responses from a couple of promoters I have worked with Kenda to develop some details on this program.

Kenda will be offering to sponsor 10 events in Northern California through the EMC/Vellum Cycles Racing Team. Each event will receive 1 case (20) Premium Kenda Road tires to use as prizes or as the promoting club sees fit. MSRP on each tire is ~$35.00, that is a total event sponsorship of ~$700.00 in value if used for prizes.
In return, Kenda Tires through EMC/Vellum Cycles Racing Team will require a space at the event to accommodate a 10 x 20 pop up tent for the sale of product at the event.

Preferred type of events will be Criteriums and Circuit Race events where participant traffic is high.

If your event/club is interested in this program please contact me ASAP. I expect that the 10 opportunities will go very fast.

Please include the Race Director's name, contact information, and the event name when responding.

1 spot has already been claimed by Barry Gordon for Cat's Hill. Barry, I will add you to the database.

Ron Castia,
EMC/Vellum Cycles

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