Junior Women riding with Junior Men

Today there were 9 women in the JR 10-14 race at Rancho Cordova. Yet it remains that most finishers are not with the main bunch, which can be confusing at the finish. Lapped riders may not be sure when their bell lap is, and therefore not know when to sprint. Rule 3D3(b) doesn't indicate if the leaders catch you just before the line (and the field hasn't) whether or not you have finished. I seen juniors sprint too early and have to go one more lap AND a sprint one lap too late.

No racer I know carries around their rulebook in their jersey pocket (if they have one) to answer questions DURING the race. Certainly we'd not expect a Junior to have a grasp on the rules in this instance. What seems fair is for the officials to explain the lapped rider scenarios BEFORE the race, and NOT while the racers are being distracted by rollouts! These children expect that before they race:
1) Everyone gets a chance to do their best
2) The rules will be fairly enforced
3) The rules apply to everyone involved
4) Sometimes people will make mistakes
5) An apology rights many wrongs

Since the officials ALL HAVE RULEBOOKS, doesn't it make sense that more care is given at staging to explain the rules to Juniors than adults?
Otherwise the "women" will find something else to do on a weekend than race against boys that will continue to lap them and not know when their race is over? My daughter, Taylor, doesn't want to return to this race. And she's extremely frustrated with how many times her results have been in error. If no one cares about results, then fewer girls will continue racing.

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