Junior Upgrade (Cat 4 to 3) Question

I'm a bit confused about the Cat 4 to Cat 3 upgrade requirements for juniors, other than earning points--I know that juniors races count the same as elite races for upgrading via points. I had thought that the 25-race minimum had to be within one year, but the NCNCA website says:

"Cat 4 to Cat 3: Need 20 points in any 12 month period; or experience in 25 qualifying races, as a Cat 4, with a minimum of 10 top 10 placings and a Minimum field size of 30 riders. The 25 races can be over any period of time."

And it's unclear whether this mean the 25 races have to be Cat 4 races. Or does it include Juniors races raced when you're a Cat 4, but with a minimum of 30 riders? This would seem to exclude most juniors races. (Even the Cat 4 Circuit Race at Sea Otter last year only had 26 in the field.)

So the question is, if you're trying to upgrade via the "25 races, 10 top 10s" method, do the 25 races have to be Cat 4 races, and do they all have to have minimum fields of 30? Same question for the 10 top 10s.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it seems odd to me that, for example, you could get points for finishing 3rd in a 30-minute juniors crit with only 5 racers, but not get any credit for, say, finishing 8th in a 35-mile Jrs RR with a field of 29?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help/advice with this.

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