Junior Track Districts - Saturday June 17th

Apologies if you already read this in the race announcements. I just want to be sure both riders and parents see this. The rest is the same post you may have seen there:

The California-Nevada/North Junior State Track Championship is scheduled, permitted, and ready for online registration. If your racing age is 18 or under, mark your calendar now for June 17th. Up to 16 state champions will be determined that day.

Please see the online flyer http://www.juniorvelo.com/districts2006/ for all the details. We'll also get paper flyers out to the track and some of the junior road races.

I'd like to encourage any eligible juniors to attend, not just those who consider themselves track racers. Of course for safety you should get in a few practice sessions before your first track race. The best starting point depends on whether you are a younger (up to about 14) http://www.ridethetrack.com/juniors2.html junior, or an older one who can start with the adults http://www.ridethetrack.com/info_sat.html. 17-18 riders must be at least Cat 3 on the track for the mass start races, so you'll need more experience - again, see the flyer for more details.

If you are an interested junior who can attend the race but not the scheduled introductory sessions, please contact me or Steven Woo. If we can get a few riders together we'll try to get you on the track somehow. To contact us, email districts at juniorvelo dot com.

Steve Ryan

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