Jump Start Your Next Season - Basic Skills Clinic, Sept 10

Jump-start your next spring racing season with a Basic Skills Clinic at the end of this one! What better way to go into next year, having learned a lot of new skills and practiced them before all the confusion of the racing coming up.

For all of you women racers who feel somewhat apprehensive racing in a peleton, I am utilizing the great experience of Kristin Drumm, Pro racer of PROMAN/Paradigm. She will help you to get comfortable not only with yourself but with those around you.

The Basic Skills Clinic will be held in Marin County.

For information and registration go to http://www.cyclingsystems.com or link via the NCNCA Clinic listings.

I look forward to working with you!

Alan Atha
USAC Level II Coach
Cycling Systems Coaching

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