Joseph Mendes Crit News

Hey Racers!

We are really gearing up to produce a fun day of racing on June 11th in Pleasanton.

We have worked hard to produce categories that will be fun and challenging for all levels.

We have secured a great prize list, and are paying deeper than most races in the district.

There will be primes for every field, including combined fields. We will announce which field a prime is for, or run them consecutively so that both fields get a shot at prizes.

Masters 35 1/2/3 and P1/2 fields payout in cash, a percentage of the field's entry fee.

Historically, this has been quite substantial.

We also have 2 $50 Cash Primes for the P/1/2. GET SOME!

Every Masters field winner takes home a very nice bottle of wine from Highway 12.

I have personally sampled this extremely nice red blend, and I can say it is awesome!

Heck, I may even put the mic down and jump out there, cuz I want me some of the stuff we bagged up last night.

Pleasanton is a great place for a race, nice course, lots of grass and trees for hanging out/warming up. A lot of great restaurants nearby the course. Literally walking distance for a few, and only 5 minutes from downtown.

We are also using technology to make registration even easier for those who are waiting for day of.

This year we signed up for Square, and you will be able to use your credit card/VISA Debit to register day of.

It is pretty cool!

Not mention, there will be a crazy loon on the mic trying to make the day fun for racers and spectators a like.

New this year, thanks to KFOG. Crowd Primes.

That's right! We will have some cool CDs on hand and some fun creative ways for you to win while spectating.

Don't forget the Kids event at noon.

Lastly, Ladies, please register online and support the NCNCA Junior Point Series.

We are donating $2.00 for every Women online registration received.

It's a Win/Win/Win. Good for you to know who you are racing against, good for us as it lets us know we have racers showing up, and GREAT for the Juniors program.

Ron Castia
Race Director and CLM

Joseph Mendes Criterium

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